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Guide to Sharing Work Samples
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Work samples showcase your expertise and are the best way you can impress a hiring manager. Experts with engaging and well-presented work samples consistently land more interviews and win more work.

While sharing actual samples of your work (e.g. an online course you created) is recommended, we have another option if you're unable to share due to NDAs. See below for our guide to both options

Option 1: Share actual work samples

  • Upload a professional sample:

    • Depending on your sample, you can add a link, PDF, image or video. While we require 1 sample to join the platform, it's better to share several!

    • Top samples include:

      • Links to online courses you have created. Confirm the links work + add the password in the description if relevant

      • PDFs of content outline maps, eLearning content, and training presentations

      • Videos of a portfolio sizzle reel or training videos

  • Add an engaging title:

    • Your title should be attention-grabbing but also clear about what the project is

  • Write an informative description:

    • Clearly explain what the work sample is

    • Share success metrics or any quantifiable results

    • Mention specific skills used, such as video editing, content writing, eLearning development, etc.

  • Examples

    1. Title: "E-learning Course for Pharma SOPs"

      • Description: "Supported a major pharmaceutical company's transition to new SOPs, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness post-merger."

    2. Title: "VILT Leadership Development Course for Latinx Community"

      • Description: "Led a multi-session virtual initiative for a diversity leadership program, focusing on empowering the Latinx community."

    3. Title: "Innovative Online Sales Training Program"

      • Description: "Designed and implemented a dynamic online sales training program, resulting in a 20% increase in team performance. I created the course using ArticulateRise"

Option 2: Record a video describing a project

  • If you can't share actual samples of your work due to NDAs, upload a video describing what you did in general terms. Give a quick description of the project and leave out any names or confidential information. Then, add an engaging title and description.

Need help deciding how to share your work? Email our team at [email protected].

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