Ideas for Offerings
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Not sure what type of Offering to create? Here are some AI prompt ideas to get you started. We recommend that you be as specific as possible in your Offering to avoid scope creep, especially if you agree on a fixed-price engagement with the client.


  • 2 hour vILT Course on Effective Communications Training

  • ½ day Training Session on Leadership Development

  • 2 hour vILT Course on Conflict Resolution

  • 1 hour in-person Course on Time Management

  • 1 hour Training Session for Ergonomics in the Workforce (vILT)

  • 5 vILT Team Management sessions for emerging leaders


Consider bundling a certain number of hours for your Offering, such as "10 hours of..."

  • Executive Coaching

  • DEI Coaching for Executives

  • Work-Life Balance Coaching for Leadership

  • Health & Wellness Coaching

  • Effective Public Speaking

Instructional Design

  • Assessment Creation

  • Customized eLearning Course on Team Building

  • Program Evaluation

  • Customized Diversity & Inclusion Courses

  • Instructional Strategy Consulting

  • Customized Onboarding Program Development

Graphic Design

  • Motion Graphics Creation

  • Brand Identity Development

  • Accessibility Design

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