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Ultimate Guide to Creating a Standout Profile
Ultimate Guide to Creating a Standout Profile
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Want to stand out to companies and increase your chances of getting hired? We'll help you create the Learnexus profile that will get you there.

Your Learnexus profile is different from your resume, LinkedIn, or portfolio site. It's the place where hiring managers from top enterprises will look to find the pre-vetted candidate they want to hire quickly. Plus, our Expert Engagement Team will use it to recommend you directly for jobs.

Step 1: Basic Information*

Profile Photo: Pick a professional photo that is recent and looks like you. Here's more guidance on how to pick the right photo.

Location: Add your location. While most Learnexus jobs are remote, knowing where Learnexus experts are located helps us organize.

Tagline: Craft a concise and compelling tagline that showcases your unique expertise to grab the attention of hiring managers. Here's an example:

Notable clients: Showcase the top 3-5 clients you have worked with.

Step 2: Introductory Video or Audio Message*

Create a 60-90-second elevator pitch that conveys your skills, experience, and why you're the ideal choice for any L&D project. This part of your profile is so important we wrote a whole article about it. Check out our guide to your introduction video.

Step 3: Bio*

Write a brief, engaging bio that highlights your key achievements, interests, and professional goals, giving hiring managers a glimpse into your personality and passion.

Here's an example:

“Innovative eLearning Developer and Animator with a remarkable track record of creating cutting-edge digital learning solutions for both professional and academic education. With a career spanning over 12 years in the learning and development field, my expertise lies in instructional design, eLearning development, and multimedia production. I've had the privilege of working with industry leaders such as IBM, Coca-Cola, and VISA, gaining exposure to diverse sectors and honing my skills in creating engaging training courses. Whether it's designing interactive multimedia courses, converting instructor-led material into eLearning content, or ensuring quality assurance, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. As a project manager, I've efficiently overseen eLearning projects, ensuring timely delivery and high-quality outcomes. My background in computer animation and graphic design allows me to craft visually captivating eLearning content that resonates with learners. I excel in content storyboarding, brand-oriented content creation, and multimedia design.”

Step 4: Work Samples*

Understanding your past work is the most important way hiring managers decide who to interview and hire, so we require at least 1 work sample to join the platform.

We understand you may be hesitant or unable to share your past work, so we have a few options to impress hiring managers. Check out our full guide to sharing past work on Learnexus.

Step 5: Work Experience*

Detail your relevant work experiences, focusing on your roles, responsibilities, and accomplishments in the learning and development domain, emphasizing how they make you an asset to potential employers.

Here's an example:

Step 6: Education & Certifications

Provide a comprehensive list of your educational background and certifications, highlighting any specialized training or qualifications that enhance your credibility in the industry.

Here's an example:

Step 7: Expertise

Add any relevant tags based on your expertise. We'll use this to match you with the right jobs.

Here's an example:

Step 8: Connect your Calendar

Connect your calendar so hiring managers can easily schedule interviews based on your availability. While not required, this may help you land more interviews. Learn more.

Note: Sections with a (*) are required

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