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Submit a Proposal
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Once you've found a job you're interested in, submit a proposal! Your proposal will include a brief message for the hiring manager, work samples, and your proposed rate.

Submit a proposal

Submitting proposals is fast and easy. As a Learnexus expert, hiring managers know you're a vetted expert so the process is quick. Here's a guide for what your proposal should include:

Record a brief video or audio message

Introduce yourself and describe how your expertise makes you the perfect fit for the role. Make sure your video is well-lit and the audio quality is top-notch!

Details to include:

  • Introduce yourself

  • Highlight how your expertise aligns with their needs

  • Suggest a next step, such as a chat or video call via Learnexus Messages to discuss the project in more detail

Attach relevant work samples

Add any relevant work samples you want to highlight to the hiring manager. While not required for every proposal, you must attach a work sample if the hiring manager requested one on the job post. Learn more about sharing work samples on Learnexus.

Set your rate

You're proposed rate can be below, the same, or above the hiring manager's budget. Don't worry, your rate is finalized until you accept an offer from the hiring manager.

Answer Screening Questions

A hiring manager may include screening questions to find the perfect fit for the job. They'll appear when you go to record your proposal video. Be sure to answer them!

What happens next

After you submit a proposal, keep an eye on the status of your proposals on the Manage Jobs dashboard and check your email.

We'll confirm the proposal meets the requirements before submitting it to the hiring manager for review. Then, a few things can happen.

The hiring manager may send you an offer

The hiring manager may schedule a meeting or contact you via Learnexus to discuss the project details

Not Selected

  • If the hiring manager is moving forward with another candidate or your proposal didn't meet the requirements, we'll let you know you weren't selected. We'll also work to help you find the perfect opportunity.


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