Review Proposals
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Finding the right expert for your project is critical, and reviewing proposals is an important part of the hiring process.

When you post a job on Learnexus, vetted experts will submit proposals. Our team will carefully review each proposal before sending it to you to ensure you have the most qualified candidates. You can also directly invite experts to submit a proposal.

Review the proposals you receive and consider the expert's skills and experience. The expert's proposal will include how much they would charge to work on your project, so consider if the expert fits your budget. If the expert's proposed rate is too high, message them to negotiate.

To manage your proposals

  • Go to Manage Jobs

  • Select the job post you want to review proposals for

  • As you review the proposals, take one of these actions:

    • Message - Contact the expert to discuss their proposal (interview and negotiate)

    • Send an offer - Set contract terms, and if accepted, hire the expert

    • Shortlist - Keep track of your top candidates

    • Decline - Inform the expert you are not interested

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