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Manage Jobs Dashboard
Updated over a week ago

The Manage Jobs dashboard helps you track the recruitment process, from getting invited to submit a proposal to a hiring manager sending you an offer. What you see under Manage Jobs depends on your Learnexus experience to date.

You haven't submitted a proposal yet

You have submitted at least one proposal

  1. The first column will show all of the proposals you have submitted. The status color of the proposal will change to reflect where you are in the hiring process:

    1. Invited: The hiring manager is interested in your profile and invited you to submit a proposal

    2. Pending: The Learnexus team is reviewing your proposal before sending it to the hiring manager. We review every proposal to ensure it meets the hiring manager's requirements.

    3. Submitted: The Learnexus team submitted your proposal to the hiring manager, but the hiring manager hasn't viewed it yet

    4. In Review: The hiring manager viewed your proposal

    5. Engagement Offered: The hiring manager sent you an offer

    6. Engagement Rejected: You rejected an offer from the hiring manager

    7. Hired: You accepted an offer

    8. Not Selected: The hiring manager is moving forward with another candidate

    9. Withdrawn Application: You withdrew your proposal

  2. The second column will show the details of the proposal you have selected.

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