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Fortune 1000 companies and leading non-profits use Learnexus to find experts for some of their most important training projects. Hiring managers from these organizations will post jobs that you can easily submit proposals for.

Search for jobs

  • Go to Find Jobs

  • Filter for Actively Recruiting to find opportunities that are hiring immediately

  • Review the two different kinds of job:

    • Hourly jobs: You'll earn an hourly rate for the time you work on the project. The job post will include the hiring manager's budgeted hourly rate, and you can set your proposed rate when you submit a proposal.

      Fixed-payment jobs: You'll earn a single fee for each deliverable you and the hiring manager mutually agree upon. The job post will include the hiring manager's budgeted fee, and you can include your proposed fee when you submit a proposal. If the scope is unclear, you can align on a budget during the interview process.

  • Review job post details

    • Description: The post will include a video or written description outlining the type of candidate they are looking for.

    • Location requirement. The hiring manager will note if there is a location requirement.

    • Job Period: This is the estimated project duration, but may be a placeholder until the project scope is finalized. Confirm details with the hiring manager during the interview process.

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