Guide to Your Introduction Video
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Your introduction video is the first impression you make on Learnexus, so we want to help you put your best foot forward! A successful introduction should effectively communicate who you are, what you do, and why you're the ideal fit for projects in your field.

While we recommend recording a video, you also have the option to record an audio message.

Video Length

  • Aim for a duration of 60-90 seconds. This is long enough to convey essential information yet short enough to maintain the hiring manager's interest.

Content Structure

  1. Introduction:

    • Start with a friendly greeting

    • Introduce yourself by name

    • Briefly mention your professional title or area of expertise

  2. Background and Expertise:

    • Provide a concise overview of your professional background

    • Highlight your key skills, areas of expertise, and any tools you use

    • Share any notable past projects or certifications that set you apart

  3. Project Suitability:

    • Outline the types of projects or roles you are best suited for

    • Mention specific industries or project types you have experience with

    • If applicable, briefly discuss your approach or philosophy in your work

  4. Call to Action:

    • Encourage hiring managers to view your full profile for more details

    • Invite them to contact you for any suitable projects

Technical Tips

  • Visual Quality: Ensure good lighting and a clear, uncluttered background

  • Audio Clarity: Check audio quality and speak clearly

  • Eye Contact: Look at the camera to create a sense of direct engagement with the hiring manager

  • Practice: Rehearse your pitch to be confident and natural


Example 1

Example 2

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