Manage How You Get Paid
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Learnexus was built to make it easy for the world's top L&D experts to find enterprise clients and get paid well.

How Payments Work

As soon as you accept an offer and kick off a project, you'll start earning.

  • For Hourly jobs, you'll submit weekly time cards for the hiring manager to review and approve.

  • For Fixed-payment jobs, you'll submit deliverables per your engagement agreement for the hiring manager to review and approve.

Once your time card or deliverable is approved, your earnings will be available in 10 days or less. To access your earnings, you'll need to set up a Stripe account.

Learnexus Fee

Learnexus applies a 25% Service Fee to each time card or deliverable. For example:

  • If your mutually-agreed hourly rate is $100/hour, you'll take home $75.

  • If your mutually-agreed deliverable fee is $10,000, you'll take home $7,500.

Set Up A Stripe Account

Learnexus is integrated with Stripe to make it easy for you to access your money. You must set up a Stripe account before submitting your first time card or deliverable.

To Set Up A Stripe Account

  • Go to Payment Settings > Connect

  • Enter your information to create a free Stripe account

  • Once connected, use your Stripe account to view your payment balance and request deposits to your bank

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