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How do I connect my calendar to my Learnexus profile?
How do I connect my calendar to my Learnexus profile?
Updated over a week ago

Please watch this brief tutorial to learn how to connect your calendar to your Learnexus profile.


Why should I connect my calendar?

It will help you win more work! Experts with a connected calendar are more likely to be interviewed because it expedites the hiring process.

How does connecting my calendar work?

By connecting your calendar, hiring managers can directly book time to meet with you instead of messaging to find mutual availability.

After connecting your calendar, you can update your preferences to only allow hiring managers to book meetings during specific times and with appropriate notice.

How will I be notified if a hiring manager books an interview?

You will receive an email confirmation and calendar invite. The video conferencing link (Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, etc.) you add while setting up your calendar will be included in the email to both you and the hiring manager.

Can hiring managers see my calendar?

Hiring managers are not able to see personal information on your calendar. Hiring managers can only see times you are available to meet.

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