How does Learnexus vet experts?
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Our team rigorously vets and evaluates every Learnexus expert to ensure you only work with the best. With 50+ years of combined industry experience, our team knows how to identify top talent. Here's our approach:

  1. AI-vetting

    A GPT-4 powered process pre-screens applicants’ resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and websites.

  2. Screening

    Our team screens applicants for experience working with top organizations and expertise in up-to-date methods and technologies.

  3. Interview

    Our team conducts a comprehensive interview to dive deep into past projects,
evaluate industry knowledge, and assess verbal skills.

  4. Work Sample Review

    Our team reviews work samples to verify expertise and assess design skills.

  5. Ongoing Performance Evaluation

    Every expert is evaluated after projects to ensure a world-class experience.

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